Chocolate Whipped Mousse

Dips are delicious. They just are. When you choose to make healthier decisions about your eating habits, dips are some of the first things to go, and planning for potluck-style parties can be difficult! We work to be gluten and dairy free in our own home, so we love this mousse-inspired dip to take to potlucks, for dessert, or for Mom's Night Outs at our office! (Sometimes we'll even throw it in … [Read more...]

thechiropracticfamily’s Favorite Chicken Salad Recipe

This recipe was originally posted last fall on thechiropracticwife's blog, but we felt it was worth a share here after we used the recipe again at our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! For a mom's look at holistic family living, be sure to check out After the Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic open house this weekend, I got a lot of requests for my chicken … [Read more...]

Megan’s Real Food Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

We have had the opportunity to serve some pretty fantastic families in the  short time we've been open! This past weekend, one of those families made a delicious treat for us that we shared via our Facebook page, and we have had many inquires for the recipe! As awesome chiropractic patients go, Megan happily shared the recipe with us so that we could share it with you all! Enjoy (and if you love … [Read more...]