Wellness Care: Boost Your Immune System

This is right around the time of year that colds and the flu hit us pretty hard.  To help prevent and shorten any illnesses that may come your way here are some simple and natural immune boosting recommendations. Diet Your diet gives you the basic building blocks that your body uses to function, so feed it right and it will function better. Lots of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, a little … [Read more...]

Wellness Treatment: Detoxification Foot Bath

The foot bath is a detoxification system that uses the body’s meridians and electrical charges to pull toxins from the body. By charging the water, our machine changes the ability of toxins to bind to tissue in the body. The toxins are excreted through the pores in the feet. The bath water will change different colors during the course of the treatment, indicating different toxins being pulled … [Read more...]