Health Tip: Water Filtration

How much do you know about the contents of the water you cook with, bathe with, and put into your body on a daily basis? Here are the most recent local reports from the area: Augusta County (2009) Harrisonburg City (2012) Rockingham County (2009) Staunton City (2012) Waynesboro City (2012) One of the resolutions we've made in the Dodge household is to improve the quality of our … [Read more...]

Where Should I Buy My Supplements?

I'm taking a short break from common childhood conditions to address something that I have seen a lot lately.  The questions of 1) where to get supplements and 2) if there is a difference in quality between brands are questions that I hear on a daily basis.  I will try to clarify things a little with this post. There are three main “classes” of supplements: the ones you can get at big box … [Read more...]

Wellness Care: Boost Your Immune System

This is right around the time of year that colds and the flu hit us pretty hard.  To help prevent and shorten any illnesses that may come your way here are some simple and natural immune boosting recommendations. Diet Your diet gives you the basic building blocks that your body uses to function, so feed it right and it will function better. Lots of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, a little … [Read more...]

Nourish Your Body: Final Tips

Continuing this three-part series about Nourishing Your Body, let's take a look at some final tips: Gluten Gluten has been in the news and talked about a lot recently.  It is most well known for its role in Celiac Disease.  But gluten is beginning to be looked at more and more as the culprit of so many other conditions including multiple sclerosis and Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune condition … [Read more...]

Nourish Your Body: The Next Three Rules of Nutrition

And so we will continue with the rules from my last post!   Rule#3 Eat Often This may sound like it flies in the face of what many diet programs tell you to do; however, this is the best way to eat for several reasons.  Eating smaller meals and snacks more often helps you to increase your metabolism. It does not have to be anything big - just a handful of almonds or a few carrot sticks … [Read more...]

Nourish Your Body: The First Two Rules of Nutrition

There are so many different diets and programs out there and every week you hear about a new miracle food or super food.  It can become very confusing and frustrating. Once you think you have it down, someone comes out with something else.  So my goal here is to simplify everything and give you a few simple rules to follow in determining what you should eat.  If you follow these rules your diet … [Read more...]