Chiropractic Adjustmentdoctor with baby

Dr. Andrew’s adjusting techniques are as unique as each client. He is certified in Webster technique for expectant mothers, pediatric care, non-force Omni Therapeutic Technique, Cranial adjustment, and OTZ Technique used to resolve frozen shoulder issues.

Neurological Exam/Balance

This is a specialty area of chiropractic care that helps to find specific parts of the nervous system that may not be functioning properly and correct them through non-invasive therapy.

Percussor Therapy

Used to relieve muscle spasm and soreness. Also used in neurological care to help rebalance the nervous system.

Cold Laser Therapy

Allows the body’s cells to make more energy so that they can heal faster and function better. It is used to assist in a variety of treatments. Cold laser therapy is safe and effective for all patients, including newborns, children, and expectant mothers.

Nutritional Counseling

What you eat ultimately effects how your body functions. While a basic nutritional consultation is part of all initial examinations and follow-up, Dr. Andrew is also available to spend time with you one-on-one for more in-depth nutritional analysis and recommendation as necessary.

Detoxification Foot Bath

This treatment helps your body rid itself of toxins and oxygenate the lungs. It is particularly effective for respiratory illness and common daily exposure to chemicals and heavy metals.

Supplement & Essential Oil Sales

It is important to us that we provide the community with the highest quality nutritional supplements and essential oils that we can find. Dr. Andrew carries a variety of supplements and essential oils (for patients and non-patients, alike), but they all must be approved for use in his family first! It is a piece of what makes Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic truly unique!