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Featured Testimonial

The birth of a child is one of life’s miracles that no book or class can truly prepare you for and each mother’s story is unique.  I was so fortunate to have Dr. Andrew and his wife Nicole be a part of mine!  There is one piece of my story that, I believe, not only eased some of the discomforts of pregnancy and early/transitional labor, but also helped align my body for birth. That piece was the prenatal adjustments I received from Dr. Andrew throughout my pregnancy all the way until the day I delivered.

I was set to deliver in a hospital and be induced on September 1st if my little girl had not made her appearance by then.  About 6 days before my induction, (in labor mind you), and in no condition to get in a car for an office visit, Dr. Andrew made several visits to our home, sometimes twice a day to adjust me.  Though I was still having contractions, during and after my adjustments, my body seemed more at ease and calm afterwards.

He did a technique called belly sifting which would offer relief to my aching back and helped ensure my baby was in the right position for delivery.  After three days of laboring at home, on August 29th, we welcomed our baby girl into the world!  I believe the adjustments, belly-sifting and advice that I received from Dr. Andrew throughout my pregnancy helped my body naturally go into labor and prepare for the marathon of the birthing process, ultimately avoiding an induction!

Senior Account Manager
and Mama to Harper, born August 2011
Dallas, TX

Dr. Andrew is a wonderful doctor. He not only has a calm demeanor, but is very knowledgeable in the holistic approach which is important to my family. Dr. Andrew is also the only doctor in the practice of chiropractors that my son would see. Grant is 2 and would cry uncontrollably with any other doctor. I finally started requesting only Dr. Andrew because Grant never would shed a tear with him. Thank you, Dr. Andrew, for all of your knowledge and kindness to my son and I. We truly appreciate it and will miss you and your family.

Birth and Postpartum Doula
and Mama to Grant, born February 2010 & Annelise, born November 2012
Keller, TX

Even though I had heard such great things about chiropractic care for children, I was still skeptical about bringing my then one-year-old in for her first time. After meeting Dr. Andrew and seeing how comfortable she was around him, I was at ease. The environment is so different (better) than our traditional doctor’s office, and I love the attention and care that she receives.

Mama to Sadie, born August 2010
Haltom City, TX

Dr. Andrew really helped me a few months ago when I threw out my back. His dedication and skill made all the difference in the world! He really spends time with his patients and has a gentle touch. As a midwife I am happy to refer my clients to him for routine chiropractic care as I have seen how it helps the labor process along. He has also been great and gentle with the newborn babies I have sent his way. I had had babies who wouldn’t latch and after just one adjustment by Dr. Andrew they are nursing like champs! Thanks for all you do!

Hurst, TX

When I was 11, I was put on a dangerous anti-psychotic drug to treat Tourette’s syndrome, and when I was 25 I was advised to get off of it cold turkey because it was more dangerous than I had been led to believe. After a week off the drug I started having terrible, debilitating panic attacks and extreme mental instability, as well as issues with my circulation, digestion, breathing, sleeping and energy levels. I could barely function, and the only doctor I could find who didn’t want me on more drugs essentially said “Never heard of it, just take a good B vitamin and get more exercise.” I was incredibly discouraged, and for about two years I gave up hope of anyone understanding or treating my unusual list of symptoms. I was told to see Dr. Andrew because of his understanding of neurological issues, and I was completely blown away at my first appointment when he told me “I know exactly what’s going on and I know what we need to do to get you better.” It was such an encouragement for someone to understand my situation, and on top of that, be confident about how to help. Dr. Andrew was patient to explain things carefully and ease me into my adjustments and exercises, which was incredibly helpful in my case because mental unsteadiness has been my big ongoing issue. I’ve made incredible progress in the 8 months I’ve been going to Dr. Andrew. He has explained and helped with issues that have baffled me for the last 20 years. My family (and especially my wife) does not hesitate to say that I’m a totally different person than I was a year ago. Dr. Andrew spoke wisely and carefully into what’s been a really complex and difficult situation for my family, and I’ll always be thankful.

Video Producer
and Dada to Grayson, born September 2011
Fort Worth, TX