Our Philosophy

Our clients range across all ages and genders, and we have specialty training in care for expectant mothers and children. A healthy individual is strong, but a healthy family is stronger, and we want to improve the health of the community as a whole. Happier, healthier pregnancies, kids, and families—that is our goal at Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic.

The Shenandoah Valley is alive and vibrant with a fantastic effort to get back to our roots. From community organization and business development to local music talent, the Valley is thriving. Local farmers are finally getting the voice that they deserve, and our community is putting a strong emphasis on family values. The one piece that was missing until now was holistic family wellness care–Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic fills that void!

The body has the ability to heal itself on every level, and chiropractic care helps the body naturally function at its maximum potential. While chiropractic care is often viewed as a treatment for pain, in a more full light, proper spinal alignment allows for optimal nervous system function, which controls the overall well being of the body. Dr. Andrew looks at each person with a “wellness” approach, rather than the more commonly known “sickness” approach.

Good health begins before birth, which is why prenatal chiropractic care is so important for baby’s development. We want each generation to be healthier than the previous one, rather than the other way around. We strive to help individuals achieve their maximum wellness potential through adjustments, nutritional care, education, and community.