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I love a good mom-blog: insightful perspective from the women who have been-there, done-that before you. What worked and what didn’t. Some of the biggest mom-blogs out there right now are those that revolve around family health and wellness. You can learn everything from how to make your own beauty products (from animal lard, nonetheless!) to 1.9 billion ways (ok, maybe not that many) to use coconut oil. Need a gluten free recipe? How about Paleo? There’s a blog for that. Grain-free? Corn free? There’s a blog for that. Want a natural birth? Water birth? Unassisted birth? Induced birth? Cesarean birth? There’s a blog for that, too. And all of this sharing and DIY world of information is pretty amazing–it saves us time and money, which is so important when taking care of our households! But have you ever stopped to think about what these mom-bloggers might do from a professional standpoint for their families’ healthcare? These women do not live on coconut oil alone. They cannot always get their babies in an optimal position for birth by themselves. They do not wait until their children are sick to do something about it.


No. These women rely on their chiropractors to help maintain health and balance in their lives for themselves and for their families! Living and working in Dallas/Fort Worth, Dr. Andrew and I had the chance to get to know (and in Dr. Andrew’s case, care for) some of your favorite blogging moms! Several weeks ago I started thinking about our encounters with some of these wonderful women, and I set out on a mission: to find out how these blogging women were caring for their families in their own words; through their blogs.


I started with bloggers who I knew used chiropractic care (either from personal conversation or from posts I had previously seen). The first being January Harsche, Mrs. Birth Without Fear, herself. Her blog has several posts about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy and birth. Fun fact: January’s husband Dr. Brandon Harsche went to Parker University (back when it was Parker College of Chiropractic) just like Dr. Andrew! So you can bet that the Birth Without Fear babies (all 5 of them)–are treated with chiropractic care.

HeatherDessingerMaybe birth blogs aren’t your thing? How about the all-around natural-advice-giver? Are you a Mommypotamus fan? Previously Dallas/Fort Worth-based Heather Dessinger (aka The Mommypotamus) has been known to praise chiropractic care:

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE chiropractors. When Daniel and I decided what city to move to the very first thing was find a pediatric/family chiropractic practice that knows how to do Webster on pregnant mamas – and I’m not even pregnant! (yet)

So Mommypotamus, Daddypotamus, and all three Babypotamuses: rely on chiropractic care.







And so the hunt continued! I found varying degrees of chiropractic involvement. Maybe you are “chiropractic curious” or just interested in using chiropractic care for pregnancy–so was Mama Natural, utilizing chiropractic care as a tool for trying to turn a breech baby, Wellness Mama who felt that chiropractic care helped to make labor easier, and Banned From Baby Showers (Donna Ryan, another Dallas/Fort Worth based mom-blogger and creator of the educational series Birth Boot Camp) who saw great results with a Webster Technique Certified practitioner.

GoodGirlGoneGreenMaybe you’d prefer to prevent illness in your family (like we do in ours!). Stephanie at Good Girl Gone Green does the same, saying:

I too am a fan of getting adjusted to help prevent illness.

Kate-TietjeOr what if you find yourself in the midst of illness? That’s another great time to visit your chiropractor! Modern Alternative Mama explains of her child’s ear infection:

…our most important line of defense was the chiropractor…Within hours after her adjustment, she was able to sleep.  She didn’t complain about her ears hurting anymore.

Seek the help of a qualified chiropractor, preferably one who has experience working with children.  In many cases a simple adjustment can help to clear the infection…

Dr Bill Sears

Ok, so you’d prefer “more letters” at the end of your blogger’s name for credibility’s sake. What if I told you that Dr. Sears and his family also understand the benefits of chiropractic care? He states:

I firmly believe that chiropractic adjustments to the skull and neck can improve middle ear drainage and decrease ear infections.

While family chiropractic care may be a newer concept to our local area, those you may be seeking information from are already on board and are reaping the awesome health benefits that chiropractic can offer! Chiropractic care is weaving a common thread through some of the healthiest families you are connected to! Will your family be next?


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thechiropracticwife has known Dr. Andrew for much longer than he has been a doctor! She supports his goals of a healthy lifestyle for their family and offers a mother's perspective on incorporating these choices into daily family life! You can find her at Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic behind the front desk with their children Luke and Josie.


  1. You are correct. Indeed all 5 of our kids have been checked since birth, the last 2 by myself personally within 45 minutes of birth. Amazing feeling to check a newborn!

    • thechiropracticwife says

      Thank you for all of your awesome chiropractic work, Dr. Harshe! We love that you all have a larger family…Lord-willing, we’ll catch up to the number of kiddos you guys have one day 😉 Gotta love all of these well adjusted babies!!

  2. kate Ocele says

    Words cannot express how impressed I’ve been with the services I have received from Dr. Elan Schrier during my pregnancy. His office in Delray Beach is near my workplace and I stop in there on my way home for my pain treatments. In this case, relief was right around the corner. Visit them at or call 561.445.2648.


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