Chiropractic for My Kids?

Dr. Andrew Dodge adjusts babyMany of our patients use our office as a “point of entry” healthcare system. They certainly still have a pediatrician or family doctor that they go to if the need arises, but many of our patients would prefer to use a more holistic approach to their family’s healthcare so they will come to us first. Chiropractors (and especially chiropractic neurologists) can help parents understand baby’s development patterns and suggest exercise to support body function. They also help to monitor baby’s physical growth with spine curvature and cranial formation. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association has some great resources about what chiropractic care can do for families! We suggest you start here and explore the site!

Dr. Andrew loves to see babies (at minimum) when they hit their milestones: as soon after birth as possible for assessment, when baby starts to hold its head up, roll over, sit, crawl, stand, and walk. Once baby becomes more mobile, he also likes to see baby if there are any major falls to ensure that there are no subluxations to baby’s spinal column or movement of baby’s cranial bones. For optimal health, he prefers to see families once a month and not just when someone is sick or if there is a fall.

Chiropractic Care for ChildrenDr. Andrew sees everything in kids from runny noses to chronic ear infection patients to ADHD & Autism-spectrum disorder patients. But the goal at Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic is to get kids in early so they aren’t dealing with the symptoms surrounding illness later! Happier, healthier pregnancies, kids, and families—that is our goal at Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic.

And rest assured that if you or your child needs care that is outside of Dr. Andrew’s scope, he will absolutely refer you to your primary care physician. Please contact us if we can answer any specific questions for you or if we can send you any additional information!


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thechiropracticwife has known Dr. Andrew for much longer than he has been a doctor! She supports his goals of a healthy lifestyle for their family and offers a mother's perspective on incorporating these choices into daily family life! You can find her at Valley Family Wellness & Chiropractic behind the front desk with their children Luke and Josie.


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