Wellness Care: Boost Your Immune System

This is right around the time of year that colds and the flu hit us pretty hard.  To help prevent and shorten any illnesses that may come your way here are some simple and natural immune boosting recommendations.

DietDiet: The Building Blocks of Body Function

Your diet gives you the basic building blocks that your body uses to function, so feed it right and it will function better. Lots of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, a little bit of good meat, and very little dairy and sugar will boost your immune system. There are all kinds of specific foods that will naturally boost immune function such as garlic (as antibacterial) and coconut oil (as antiviral).  Loading up on foods like these in your day-to-day diet will help to prevent illness. If you do get sick though, there are a few simple things to do to help yourself get over it faster:

  • No sugar – sugar decreases immune function and creates inflammation – not what you want.
  • No caffeine – caffeine creates inflammation, breaks down body tissues, and reduces immune system function
  • No dairy – dairy will dampen the immune system with its naturally occurring or artificially added sugars. Because of these sugars your body will increase mucous production that may add to your congestion.
  • Increase protein – protein is the main building block of your immune system, so allowing your body to increase its immune factors by increasing protein intake will aid in your recovery.


Supplements are just that, supplemental. A good diet will give your body good fuel to build your immune system.  The supplements will give your body an extra boost of nutritional support to further help boost immune function.   Many of the supplements that I recommend here can be taken at two or three times the normal dosage while you are sick; your body will need and use a lot more.

  • Vitamin C – this has been studied time and time again and has been shown to be beneficial to immune function.Supplements
  • Vitamin D – this has been shown in many studies, as well, to help boost immune function and improve respiratory system function. It has been studied to be especially effective in preventing the flu.
  • Probiotics – this helps to increase digestive health. A large part of your immune system is actually in your digestive tract. If your digestive tract is not working well then neither will your immune system.  Building up the good bacteria in your gut will help improve digestive health and prevent bad bacteria from being able to invade.  (Go for probiotics that have a lot of different strands of bacteria and that are not cultured on dairy.)
  • Omega 3 fish oils – this helps to decrease inflammation and repair body tissue.
  • Zinc – this is a mineral that is vital to immune response. If you become deficient in zinc it will impair your immune system.
  • Coloidal Silver – this is an antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial solution that aids your body in getting rid of harmful pathogens. My recommendation is only for colloidal silver that have low parts per million(ppm). Between 10-40 ppm is an optimal solution. If you have a much higher ppm, the silver may begin to lodge in some of your tissues. If you get a low ppm there is no risk of this and taking the solution is only beneficial.
  • Herbs – Herbs have been shown to be very beneficial in supporting the body. Herbs such as Echinacea and Goldenseal have great antibacterial properties.


Allowing your body to rest will boost your immune system by giving your body more available energy to fight off illness.  Conversely, lack of enough restful sleep activates inflammatory proteins in your body and impairs your immune system.  So, get as much good sleep as you can.

Chiropractic CareDr Andrew with patient

Chiropractic care can help to balance the nervous system, which will help to boost immune system function.  Allowing joints and muscles to function and move properly relieve stress and inflammation in the body.  If done in the correct way, your brain and nervous system will function better, which will relieve stress in the body.  By relieving stress in the body, the immune system will function better.

Ionic Foot Bath/Cold light laser

Ionic foot baths can help oxygenate your body and help your body detoxify, aiding in keeping you healthy or fighting off infection. For more information on ionic foot baths see my previous post.

Cold light laser therapy help to improve function in your body’s cellular function. With improved function your body can better fight off invading pathogens and keep you feeling good. For more info check out Erchonia.


About Dr. Andrew

Dr. Andrew Dodge lives in Staunton, Virginia, with his wife Nicole and their children Luke and Josie. Dr. Andrew is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas, Texas.


  1. Good news to know! I already follow a whole foods, plants based diet, but sugar is always tough for me. Knowing that kicking it out of rotation will only benefit my healthy might just be the catalyst I need to finally kick the habit!

  2. I can truly say that I have seen the benefits of probiotics first hand. Couldn’t agree with you more in you statement on their effect on the immune system!

  3. Good information!

  4. I share this post often – thank you for writing it!

  5. Great ideas…many I do plan to work into our lifestyle…several we already do!!! I am glad I found your Blog!! Thanks for sharing all the knowledge you have, with all of us! 🙂


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